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It depends on the model. In the Multifruit commercial juicer it is located on the back of the machine and you will need to remove the waste bucket to access it. In the case of the other juicers, it is located on the bottom or on the sides of the machine.

Check that all the parts of the machine are correctly in place. Check that the rear switch is in the ON position. Finally, check the fuse.

Check that the machine is in Self-Service mode. Check that all the parts of the tap are correctly in place and that the magnet has not been lost.

Check that the size of the fruit is suitable for the machine. Using larger or smaller sizes can jam the machine.

Make sure the door of the machine is securely closed. If it still doesn't start, make sure the door is not broken.

Make sure the juice tank is correctly in place and secured in its two bolts. If it is not properly secured, the most likely cause is that the bolts are dirty and have juice residue on them. If this is the case, apply a degreasing spray and leave it on, then move the bolts until they work smoothly.
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