Smart Juicers

Discover our new range of solutions with connectivity
thanks to the Smart Juicing technology.

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Smart Juicers

Smart Juicing by Zumex

The new generation of Smart commercial juicers offer you a remote management service for your juice business.

You will have all the information about the status and productivity of your commercial juicers thanks to real-time data and insights.

Your business connected to success

Gain full control of your commercial juicers with Zumex Connect.

  • Improve your Juice Corner’s results.
  • Maximise your return on investment.
  • Increase your profits.
  • Manage your juice business remotely.

The new era of commercial juicers
with connectivity

These are the commercial juicers featuring Smart Juicing technology. Regardless of your business, there’s a commercial juicer with connectivity for you.


Soul Series 2

The most compact and innovative Zumex commercial juicer with the most authentic style, able to offer real-time status notifications. Manage your configurations remotely.


Essential Pro

Operating simplicity without compromising on the highest quality during juice service. Cafes and bars can remotely manage the operation of their commercial juicer thanks to its Smart Essential Pro.


New Versatile Pro

The new Versatile Pro with PulpOut System is the most autonomous commercial juicer with the best space/efficiency ratio.

Thanks to the connectivity featured in the Smart version of this model, you will have access to real-time, intuitive reports with key productivity markers. Making business decisions has never been easier.



Speed Up

The commercial juicer for any demand.

Know the consumption times, locate your commercial juicer instantly and use all the information to improve the results of your Juice Corner.


Speed S +plus

The most advanced and robust self-service juicers on the market. Equipped to offer autonomy, speed and ease of cleaning.

Thanks to its Smart versions, remotely manage your juice business and maximise the return on your investment.

Juicing 4.0

Get a complete overview of your juice business so you can efficiently make the best decisions.

Optimise procedures and increase juice sales in your establishment.

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The most advanced solution
Intuitive control panel

With up-to-date juicing data and service information anytime, anywhere.

The most advanced solution
Reports with dynamic charts

Easy to interpret.

The most advanced solution
Accurate information

In real time.

Multiply the potential of your commercial juicers


Sales tracking


Accurate counting of squeezed fruit


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Register your Smart Juicer

Extend your warranty to 5 years

Register your Smart Juicer at Zumex Connect and automatically extend your warranty to 5 years.

  • Peace of mind: 5 years of coverage.
  • Fast responses: No cycle limits.
  • Closeness.: Personalised service.
  • Quality: Original Zumex spare parts

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