Juice machines for supermarkets,
convenience stores and self-service areas...
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Modular solutions for high juice demands
Commercial juicers adapted to the needs of any supermarket
Do not worry about the size of your establishment or its juice demand. Commercial juicers for retail which can be easily customised to adapt to the required space, production, or autonomy.
We meet the demands of supermarkets and hypermarkets
Attract the most demanding consumers, those who know what they want: Fresh and natural products with a guarantee of origin.

Create a unique drinking experience with the commercial juicers from the Speed series, specifically designed to create a quality and fast freshly squeezed juicing service.
Take-away freshly squeezed juice
Zumex's self-service orange juicers create a healthy space within all kinds of convenience stores. Freshly squeezed juice bottled in the fastest, most comfortable way, and always ready to go.

Captivate your customers by offering a basic product, and gain their loyalty by introducing a superior shopping experience.
Cashless commercial juicers for the self-service area of your retail establishment
Our new cashless models offer users a fast and flexible alternative for getting natural juice: they can now pay for and get their juice on their own.

The perfect solution for self-service areas in corner shops, petrol stations, or service stations .
The most natural juice: A staple product in eco, bio, and organic supermarkets
The most demanding customers need quick and personalised solutions. Build customer loyalty thanks to the refreshing taste of freshly squeezed juice, and create a 100% natural and functional juice space in your establishment. Invest in a freshly squeezed, unprocessed juice.
In-store Juice Bar: Expand your juice range with an innovative concept
Are you looking to add value to your supermarket? Introduce a Juice Bar to your product range and offer all kinds of citrus juices, smoothies or Cold Press juices. Expand your range of natural juices with the best properties and health benefits.
What can Zumex do for your business?
Squeezes up to 40 oranges per minute with an autonomy of 500 oranges.
Follow the latest trends in the retail industry with the best juicing technology on the market.
Creates the best consumer experience and builds loyalty among new customers, attracted by the most natural products.