The only machine that cleans and sanitises itself.
Never say impossible.


The First Changes it All

A step forward in juicing solutions.

Beyond a juicer, Zitrux is a comprehensive juicing solution meeting every need of the Food Retail customer.

Achieving the unimaginable

The first professional juicer that does everything on its own, even what seemed impossible: self-cleaning and self-sanitising.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. Zitrux is designed for your convenience.


Can you imagine
a juicer that has it all?


The only juicer that cleans and sanitises itself.

It prevents human errors.

Guaranteed food hygiene.


Designed to save time and costs.

Accurate measurement of squeezed juice.

Wastage control.


Provide a groundbreaking shopping experience to your customers.

Contactless tap, easy and intuitive.

Interactive display that guides both the operator and the end customer.

What if the impossible is possible?

What if thinking the unthinkable is the only way to start.

Achieving the unimaginable,
it was only a matter of time.

Never say it’s not possible.
The only juicer that cleans itself.

Never again will you say: “I spend a lot of time cleaning it every day”.
Zitrux doesn’t need anyone to take it apart and clean it. Something that seemed crazy is now ready for you.

Works alone

Thanks to its load capacity of 75 kg for oranges, automatic elevator and the possibility to store 120 L of waste, you will forget it even exists.

20 kg

A top performance
for the most demanding retailers.

Its Top Performance juicer unit achieves the highest performance in its category. The maximum number of litres per kg of fruit. Not to mention its speed, 40 fruits per minute.
That’s amazing!

40 fruits/min

Truly on another level.

If you want more, we have more. Zitrux features exclusive Smart Juicing technology. You can find out exactly how many litres the Zitrux has juiced or when the last cleaning was performed.

Total oranges squeezed 0 Total litres served 0 Total sanitisations 0

Command and control.

You can give it cleaning instructions, receive alerts or upload videos to guide the user.
You are in control of everything.

Always at hand

You can give it cleaning instructions, receive alerts or upload videos to guide the user.

75 kg

40 pieces

Self-cleaning and self-hygienisation


120 L capacity
of waste

Feeder with elevator

Quality, hygiene and reliability

The juicer Zitrux has undergone stringent quality and safety controls ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation in each market.

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