in performance

We challenge the limits

Over 35 years ago our Original System® revolutionised the juicing world, creating a new category.

A milestone that brought freshly-squeezed juice to people all over the world.

Today, we take a leap to the next level, beyond the limits of the established. Overcoming ourselves in order to remain best in class yield.

This new generation
of Zumex juicing systems

Is the result of improving every single part for optimum performance and juice quality

Ergo Fit Pressing Unit

They adapt to the size of the orange to apply the appropriate amount of pressure for juice extraction.

The best performance for a wide variety of oranges.

Extra innovation

The new Top Performance juicing system keeps the advantages of the Original Zumex system.

Live squeezing

Transparent and attractive

From fruit to glass

Perfect juice, free of essential oils

We innovate to boost your profits

Get more juice
out of each kg of fruit

Save up to 10%
on fruit cost

Significant increase
in profitability

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

Zumex ASP®

The first generation of commercial juicers featuring antibacterial nanotechnology based on silver ions that inhibits bacteria growth, guaranteeing extra effective and long-lasting protection.

Maximum hygiene

Inhibits the proliferation of bacteria.

Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

It does not alter the organoleptic properties of food.

Proven efficiency

Resistant to the effects of aggressive cleaning products such as bleach and detergent.

Efficacy tested by microbiological analysis in an independent laboratory.

Quality, hygiene and reliability

All our products are certified according to the most demanding international standards, ensuring maximum hygiene, safety and quality of materials.

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