Pack recycled PET

Zumex Pack rPET bottles are made from recycled plastic, preserving the properties and aroma of the juice, with less environmental impact.


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Pack recycled PET

Squeeze, pack and it is ready to go

The best juice needs the best packaging. Make your juice the best on the market with our Zumex Pack rPET bottles.

Our range of bottles are the perfect complement to expand the possibilities of your business. Our bottles allow fresh beverages to be packaged and be commercialised, especially fruit juice and mixed drinks.

Ergonomic and functional design

With translucent finish to preserve the organoleptic properties of juice.

Choose format

Different sizes, adapted to the needs of individual or family consumers.
1l, 50cl, 3 cl y 25 cl.

Customisable label

Label options: no label, paper label or transparent label. With standard or custom design.


Pre-threaded and with safety ring. Colours: black (standard colour), orange and translucent white.

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Juice Corner

In less than 1 m2 you can install a freshly squeezed juicer unit in your supermarket, fruit shop or grocery store.

Freshly squeezed juice in stores is the segment that creates the most value for the industry and is a product that is well valued among consumers, as they perceive this new category of juice as the most natural and with the highest added value.

The bottle that takes care of us

100% recyclable

30% recycled material

Carbon footprint reduction

Preserves the properties and aroma of the juice

Prevents bacterial growth

Pack recycled PET
A healthy future for the planet