Technology for
your well-being
Technology for your well-being
The combination of the most advanced technology, the cleanest cut, and carefully handled fruit, makes each drop squeezed by a Zumex solution an experience for the palate. Design, functionality, and the latest innovations in juicing technology at the service of the Food Service, Retail, and Vending Industries.
Original System®

Original System® Innovative juicing system, patented in 1985, which allowed Zumex to launch the first automatic commercial juicer for the hospitality industry.

A milestone that has helped bring the finest taste of freshly squeezed juice to businesses around the world

A unique patented system
in three versions
Enjoy its S, M and L formats
Clean and precise cutting
Perfect juice, free of essential oils
Fast peel disposal
Zumex ASP®
The first generation of commercial juicers with antibacterial technology. Zumex ASP® (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) is a silver-ion based technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring extra effective and long-lasting protection.
Silver ion-based
antibacterial technology
A unique patented system
Proven efficacy
Microbiological analysis by independent laboratory
Maximun hygiene
Inhibition of bacterial growth
Effective against a broad spectrum of organisms
Such as Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, Staphylococcus, Aspergillus, Ivre, etc.
It does not alter
the organoleptic properties of food
Resistant to the effects of aggressive cleaning products such as bleach and detergent
Promotes the longevity of the juice
High durability and efficacy
Conical System®
The smallest automatic juicing system on the market. Thanks to its tapered shape, the fruit enters the system smoothly and it is perfectly positioned in the centre. A precise cut that extracts the maximum juice and taste from each piece.
Conical rotating
A unique patented system
Clean and precise cutting
Perfect juice, free of essential oils
It squeezes oranges, limes and lemons tith diameters up to 80mm
Easily removable juicing unit for easy cleaning and set-up
Design and innovation
Hygienic design exclusive to Zumex
1Step Kit
Squeeze any kind of citrus fruit in fewer steps. Thanks to the 1Step kits, the juicing unit can be easily removed in 10" without the need to dismantle it into parts, reducing disassembling and cleaning times.
S 1Step Kit (45 - 67 MM)
for fruits having a diameter of 45 mm to 67 mm
1Step Kit M
for fruits having a diameter of 65 mm to 81 mm
1Step L extraction kit to squeeze bigger citrus
for bigger fruits, from 75 mm to 95 mm
Discover new tastes in the quickest and most comfortable way
Installation and disassembling in one step
Ergonomic design for better grip
Less cleaning time
The entire juicing unit can be cleaned in a dishwasher
Automatic PulpOut System
Removes pulp more easily, hygienically, and quickly, thus maximising performance.
Intelligent Touch
Sets the Automatic or Professional operation mode, the language or the number of oranges to be squeezed.

Quality, hygiene and reliability

All our products have been subjected to demanding quality and safety controls, ensuring compliance with current regulations in each market.
Equipo Zumex
Commitment to R&D
We at Zumex have always been characterized by our transgressive attitude and constant evolution, which has increased our competitiveness and differentiation in the industry.
Innovation at all levels

We at Zumex have been innovating for nearly 35 years, which has allowed us to be at the forefront of the global expansion of the freshly squeezed juice market; a booming market that connects with a natural way of understanding nutrition.

In order to stay at the forefront, the company dedicates great efforts to its R&D&I department,

Innovation at all levels

where a team of engineers strives to find new solutions and sustainable product developments every single day. In short, innovations that help meet market needs, promoting and facilitating the consumption of juices, through new ranges of commercial juicers and juice extractors.

'Since the launch of our first automatic commercial juicer for the hospitality industry, we have grown over the years to become the leading international company in the development of innovative technologies for the squeezing of fruits and vegetables. But we have gone even further, and today we are the travel companion of many companies who want to get behind the juice business; and, through them, we have become the catalyst for change in the habits of millions of people'.
Víctor Bertolín. Chief Executive Officer