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Cold press juicers: definition and best options

The demand for cold press juicers is growing at 8% per year, supported by a generation that is looking for the most authentic taste and maximum nutritional intake from fruits and vegetables. But… What are Cold Press juicers, how do they differ from ordinary juicers and what are the best Cold Press juicers? Read on and we’ll tell you.

cold press definition

What is a cold press juicer?

In recent years, cold pressing has become a popular technique for obtaining high-quality, nutrient-packed juices. A cold press juicer works by a slow crushing and pressing process, extracting the juice without generating additional heat. This technique has become highly prized for its ability to preserve the enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in foods.

Unlike traditional juice extraction methods, cold pressing uses a technology that minimizes friction and oxidation, thus preserving the nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables.

Best cold-pressing technologies on the market: Zumex Mastery

Zumex is the market leader in cold-pressing technology machinery that stands out for its efficiency and superior results.

Here, we take a look at the Zumex cold press solution: Zumex Mastery

The Zumex Mastery line of cold juicers is at the forefront of this technology. These machines feature a slow crushing and pressing system that ensures optimal juice extraction without generating excessive heat. In addition, their sleek, compact design fits into any kitchen or juice bar space. The Cold Press Mastery Series stands out for its ease of use and cleaning, making it an ideal choice for those looking to obtain high quality juices quickly and efficiently.

Technical features of the Zumex Mastery

ProductionHigh production capacity: up to 30 gal/h | 110 l/h
Press11 Tn of force. Functional design that protects motors, frames and pressure group from splashes and shocks.
MotorBrushless motor
Tank capacity3 gal/11l. Includes a filter to remove possible particles
Dimensions (length x width x height)940 x 735 x 1,700 mm
Screen4,3″ color touch screen. Controls crushing and pressing speed, pressing times and cycles.
MaterialsManufactured in Stainless Steel AISI – 304 & AISI – 316. With wheels for easy moving and cleaning.
Accessories2 high efficiency press plates, 3 bags, 3 grater discs, 1 tank with filter and 1 cleaning kit.
More information at Zumex FoodEngineering

Learn how to equip your Juice Bar step by step with a cold press juicer with this downloadable eBook brought to you by Zumex.

The cold press juice system is the cutting-edge technology to achieve the best quality and flavour in fruit and vegetable juicing. If you want to get a personalized study of cold pressing and find out if it is ideal for your business, you can get information by contacting Zumex.