Juicers range
Speed Series
Professional juicers adaptable to your business. Customize your Speed to create the best juice corner in just 3 steps: choose the juicer, podium and accessories.
Speed Pro | Speed Up | Speed S +plus
Choose your juicer

The Speed range optimises the freshly squeezed juicing service area in your cafeteria, hotel or supermarket

A winner in autonomy and performance with an attractive design. Maximum security, hygiene and efficiency

Configure the perfect solution for your space
Once you choose your juicer model, Zumex offers you different podiums, finishings and accessories to create an attractive and functional juice corner
Choose your podium and finishing
Wide or narrow podium. Black or mirror finishing.
Add an elegant and sophisticated style, or a robust and sassy one to your self-service area. Choose according to your style, space or required autonomy.
Add accessories
Is the Point of Sale experience a concern? Don't worry, you can create the most attractive and functional juice corner with the new set of accessories for the Speed range
Searching for the most natural juice
Freshly squeezed juice has become a new category by facilitating the consumption of fruit in an easy, healthy and fun way.
The demand for freshly squeezed juice increases 5% each year
New Speed ​​Pomegranates
The first high-performance juicer designed specifically for juicing all types of pomegranate.
The Speed essence prevails in its most classical versions.
The Speed essence prevails in its most classical versions. The Speed Pro Basic and Speed Pro Cooler Podium offer the basic performance needed to satisfy high demands for freshly squeezed juice
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