A new connection
with the juice business

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Connect to the world of juice

New Zumex Connect platform for complete remote management of your juicer. Access the most comprehensive reports on the utilisation, status and productivity of your machines.

Real-time information from your juice business

Discover live the profitability of your machines, track your sales with status notifications.

Absolute precision of productivity data. Identify the days of the week and the hours of highest consumption.

The connected juice business that adapts to you

You now have new customisation options to suit your needs.

Assign an alias to your juicers, set the location and receive instant status notifications.

Further increase the performance of your juicers

Thanks to our unique Smart Juicing technology, you can connect to your juicers from anywhere and access the most comprehensive reports on the utilisation, status and productivity of your machines.

Always connected to your business
Remote control

Intuitive control panel with dynamic graphics

Always connected to your business
Increases profits

Anticipate and implement preventive interventions preventive interventions to ensure that the juicer never stops.

Always connected to your business
Total control of your juice machines

Track sales by days, months and time slots by selecting any period you want to analyse.

Zumex Smart Juicers range

Discover the new Smart Juicer models, already equipped with the new Zumex Smart Juicing technology and access the Zumex Connect reports.

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Smart Juicer, Smart Business

Profitability of your machines

Sales tracking


Status notifications

Momentos de consumo

Consumption times


Extend your warranty to 5 years

Register your Smart Juicer at Zumex Connect and automatically extend your warranty to 5 years.

  • Peace of mind: 5 years of coverage.
  • Fast responses: No cycle limits.
  • Closeness: Personalised service.
  • Quality: Original Zumex spare parts.

and connected juicers

Zumex connects your products with your customers’ business

Smart Juicing

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