Zumex. Life Essence
'Transforming people's eating habits
through design and innovation,
to take your well-being
to the next level'
the centre of our universe
Our philosophy
En Zumex creemos en un mundo más sano. Por eso, para mejorar el bienestar nutricional de las personas, contamos con cerca de 35 años de experiencia en diseñar soluciones de exprimido de frutas y verduras.

Zumex es sinónimo de vanguardia, diseño e innovación.
Innovation, the driving force behind our brand
Zumex’s significant commitment towards
innovationhas positioned us at the forefront and made us preferred partners for thejuice business development
Business lines
Zumex has a wide range of juicing solutions that make fresh juice consumption available in sectors such as the hospitality, catering and retail industries.

Zumex's industrial division specialises in developing customised projects for industrial juice extraction.
Food Service & Retail
Zumex Food Engineering
About us
Pioneers in fruit and vegetable juicing solutions
Thanks to our team of engineers and designers, we are well-known for the innovation and high performance of our projects. Products designed in Spain following the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety
Cutting-edge design
Meticulous design from the inside out, while always betting on efficiency and functionality. Breakthrough lines and finishes, with robust and resistant materials.
Our values
We do things differently
We develop benchmark solutions for the industry
We innovate with shapes, colours and finishes
With ourselves and with the environment
Our need for continuous evolving
We work to reach further. We strive to improve ourselves day by day.
Certifications and awards
Our commitment towards quality and innovation has led us to receive important awards,

and be present in different conferences together with leading brands.
Responsibility, well-being, and the promotion of a healthier diet
With Zumex commercial juicers and juice extractors, the process of making a freshly-squeezed juice is simple and honest. From fruit to juice in an instant, maintaining all the flavours and nutritional properties for our body.
Respect for the environment

Our engineering and industrialisation teams work towards ensuring the minimum environmental impact in all processes.

As a result of this commitment, our products have the ISSOP seal, granted to products with no planned obsolescence that guarantees the optimal operation of our equipment throughout its entire useful life.

A new opportunity for "ugly produce"

Zumex has led the creation of a new segment within the juice category: in-store squeezed juice, which has grown 12% in volume and 15% in value, promoting the consumption and distribution of all types of citrus fruits, regardless of their aspect or size.

In this way, Zumex generates less food waste due to the use of all those fruits and vegetables considered “ugly produce”, products that have been rejected on the market for aesthetic reasons.

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