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ZUMEX® presents the new Speed programme to customise your juice corner

The demand for freshly squeezed juice is increasing by 5% every year, with orange juice continuing to lead the market with 46%* of world consumption. Thus, the sale of freshly squeezed juice is already a high-value service for all types of stores. These stores look to ZUMEX® Group, a world leader in the design and manufacture of exclusive juicing technologies for almost 35 years, as their strategic partner in the development of their businesses. To keep abreast with demand and developments in 2019, the company is launching its new Speed programme to make it easier for its customers to configure and tailor their entire juice corner.

Retailers, hotels and the restaurant sector, as well as other businesses with high juice demands, can now customise the Speed S+plus and Speed Up models, two of the products in one of the most powerful series on the market, to create the juice corner that best adapts to their space, reflects the atmosphere of their store, and provides an environment that their customers enjoy. The fact is that the needs of each business vary according to the number of users, the daily demand for juice and how the juicing technology is integrated into the store, among other factors.

This is why ZUMEX® has once again gone the extra mile and now proposes tailor-made solutions that can be complemented by a broad range of accessories to design highly attractive, efficient self-service juice corners. This world of opportunities that aims to give juice corners a highly impressive appearance was presented to the main players in the HORECA sector at the Sirha international trade fair held recently in Lyon.