Zitrux: Revolutionizing juicing with self-cleaning and self-sanitising technology.

We finally reveal all the secrets of our latest innovation: Zumex Zitrux.

In a world where innovation is the driving force behind leading companies, Zumex has taken a step forward with Zitrux. This recent innovation, which was presented at such iconic fairs as Euroshop in Düsseldorf and Fruit Attraction in Madrid, is finally on the market, destined to transform the in-store fresh juice market.

Keep reading and discover everything it has to offer!

Zitrux: Reinventando el Mundo del Zumo con la autolimpieza

Supermarket staff have never had it so easy

Zitrux is a comprehensive juicing solution that covers all the needs of the Food Retail customer.

What makes Zitrux so special? The answer is simple but revolutionary: it is the world’s first juicer with a self-cleaning and self-sanitising system.

No more hours of maintenance and cleaning of your juicer, Zitrux takes care of itself, while your staff is focused on other tasks in the shop or supermarket – your juicer practically takes care of itself!

This feature puts an end to one of the main challenges of traditional juicers, maximizing cleaning and hygiene without the need for human effort, making Zitrux a true pioneer in the market. This system has two programs: a quick program for intermediate cleaning and a deep cleaning program to ensure that at the end of the day, every corner of the machine is spotless.

Zitrux autolimpieza

High-performance features with Zitrux

In addition to cleanliness, the autonomy of the Zitrux is worth mentioning. Thanks to its high feed capacity of 75kg of oranges, its automatic fruit elevator and an integrated bottle rack, this machine is capable of providing up to 30l of juice continuously.

But not only that, Zitrux goes much further. Thanks to the Top Performance squeezing unit, it converts every kilogram of fruit into more juice. And with an astonishing speed, the Zitrux can process up to 40 fruits per minute.

A real marvel in terms of efficiency and speed!

Top Performance Zitrux

Its Smart Juicing technology and display screen provide real-time information to operators, enabling equipment monitoring and operation.

Knowing how much juice has been squeezed or when the last cleaning was done has never been so easy.

Pantalla display Zitrux

Zitrux: Innovation and technology at the service of the consumer

Zumex continues to focus on solutions that not only meet but also anticipate market demands. And once again, we have done it again, offering a ground-breaking shopping experience to the consumer.

By placing the consumer at the centre of the process, Zumex has made every step of juice service simple, efficient and enjoyable.

The integrated bottle rack enhances the user experience, while the interactive display guides both the operator and the end customer, offering intuitive interaction with the machine. In addition, the state-of-the-art Touchless tap not only provides a frictionless experience for the consumer but also incorporates a system for the accurate amount of juice squeezed and control of wastage.

Global trust: Zumex in the hearts of retailers

Over the years, Zumex has forged strong relationships with prominent retail chains around the world. Renowned retailers such as Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, Edeka in Germany, Marks & Spencer in the UK, Carrefour in France or Mercadona in Spain, rely on the technology and efficiency of Zumex Speed series juicers.

Zumex has been a pioneer and leader in integrating citrus juicers into supermarket outlets in Europe, America and Asia. This established market presence and the trust of major supermarket chains reflect the excellence and innovative vision of the brand, which continues to reinvent the way it delivers fresh, quality juice to millions of consumers around the world.

The future of juicing is here, and it’s called Zitrux

Zitrux is not just a juicer; it is a meeting of technology and design. With sober and avant-garde lines, the machine challenges the traditional perception of what a juicer should be. The materials and finishes chosen for Zitrux evoke elements of interior design, making the machine a piece that fits perfectly with any establishment.

Zitrux is not just a step forward, it is a giant leap into the future of juice squeezing.

Ready to dive into the juice revolution with Zitrux?