Zumex juicers guarantee optimum hygiene and food safety standards

ZUMEX® has a range of safety and hygiene accessories which ensure that the freshly squeezed juice served with our automatic juicers complies with all consumer and employee safety requirements.


These accessories, in addition to restricting access to the moving parts in the machines, make the juicers safer.


  • PVC basket cover

To protect and cover the fruit in the feeder. Fits perfectly over the feeder basket cover on the
Speed and Versatile models.

  • Basket cover

For Speed and Versatile Pro models: prevents manual access to the machine’s citrus feeding basket.

  • Pulp Cover Kit

Accessory that closes off the front of the pulp sweeper, covering the juice outflow area, thus improving hygiene.

  • Feeder elbow cover

Protective silicone piece that prevents manual access to the citrus feeding elbow in
the Speed models, providing greater safety and hygiene.


  • Zumex Citric Active

Professional cleaning product specially formulated for cleaning citrus and commercial
juicers, which can be used in conjunction with standard disinfectants.

These accessories are available for the Versatile Pro and Speed models:

Safety and Hygiene Versatile Pro Kit

Safety and Hygiene Speed Kit


ASP® Antibacterial Nanotechnology

ZUMEX® is the only brand that has its exclusive Antibacterial Nanotechnology with silver ions present in the sequeeze system, forming a barrier of protection and hygiene.

In the light of the current situation and with a view to helping to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, ZUMEX® Group would like to provide all our customers with a set of recommendations and useful advice to encourage and maintain healthy eating habits in these difficult times.