What kind of juicing machines are used in supermarkets?

The demand for fresh and natural products has never been as high as it is today. To meet consumer expectations, supermarkets must have the optimal products and technology, such as Zumex juicing machines.

Having professional juicers with high-quality standards allows them to offer fresh products with excellent properties, such as in-store freshly squeezed juice. This great food is able to meet the demands of customers, who are increasingly interested in fresh, honest, 100% natural and easy-to-consume juices in on-the-go formats.

supermarlets juicing machines

We are proud to say that Zumex has earned the trust of a wide variety of supermarkets and companies, something we owe to the efficiency, robustness and ease of use of our juicers. Every day more and more companies choose us to offer their customers the highest quality juice.

Zumex juicing machines is present in supermarkets and convenience stores

Currently, large supermarket chains such as Mercadona, Carrefour, Aldi, Caprabo, Spar and Dialprix, have found in Zumex the best way to offer freshly squeezed juice to consumers. A very healthy trend that is booming due to the benefits of consuming it: improved digestion, strengthening of the immune system and, of course, an unbeatable taste.

Other companies whose main purpose is not the sale of food products to the consumer have also been able to identify this demand. Companies such as Repsol, Decathlon, Ikea or Barajas Airport have relied on Zumex to satisfy the healthiest needs of their customers.

The international reach of Zumex

Zumex has managed to expand its presence at an international level, impacting renowned foreign companies around the world. Different corporations and organizations such as Starbucks, L’Oreal or the Hilton hotel chain, have found in our professional juicing machines an exceptional solution to meet the growing demands of their customers in search of healthy options.

Why companies trust Zumex?

Our long history of more than 35 years in the development of the best juicing solutions has led us to become the worldwide benchmark in the juice business.

After decades of innovation in our supermarket juicing machines, we have succeeded in developing simple and attractive solutions to incorporate the best of fruit into the daily diet. This has led to a wave of fresh juice consumption within the trend of healthy and natural eating. The impulse of these innovations has brought with it the extension of juice to new contexts such as supermarkets or workplaces and offices.

supermarlets juicing machines

But we have not only reinvented the juice business, but we have made millions of people around the world join the quick and easy experience of preparing, by themselves, a juice at the moment: a self-service formula that offers a great differential value.

For this reason, Zumex has become the lever for change and growth in the consumption of freshly squeezed juice in the retail sector. Today, its machines contribute to the increase in demand and consumption of fresh products on supermarket shelves.

The benefits of having a juice-squeezing machine in a supermarket

In the retail sector we find a varied and quality offer. From high-performance machines such as the Speed range of juicers. Ideal for large surfaces such as supermarkets or large hotel chains, due to their performance and speed, capable of squeezing up to 40 oranges per minute. To smaller solutions such as Versatile Star but with the same autonomy and performance. The most compact automatic self-service juicer on the market offers maximum autonomy and speed of service, disassembly and cleaning. With only 0.26 mof space.

supermarlets juicing machines

The most important benefits:

  • They are easy to use, and do not require professional personnel or intervention for daily use. In addition, Zumex juicers have been designed in such a way that their assembly and disassembly is easily manageable thanks to their “1 Step Kit”. This not only facilitates installation, but also basic maintenance.
  • They have a high autonomy to operate and produce fresh juice with up to 150 kg of product without stopping. Thanks to the automatic PulpOut technology and its large capacity basket.
  • They produce an unparalleled quality of juice, with a fresh, clear product, squeezed through an honest process thanks to the unique Original System®.
  • They are presented in different elegant and modern designs, capable of adapting easily to any supermarket.
  • They operate at high yields and generate high profitability, ensuring that the greatest amount of juice is extracted without sacrificing quality.
  • They feature ASP® nanotechnology based on silver ions that inhibit bacterial growth. Guarantees the highest standard of food safety quality.

With these innovations, the company is leading the incorporation of automatic citrus juicers on the shelves of large-scale retailers around the world. In addition, accelerating the business of those customers who join the healthy food trend. All this to offer the best integral juice service.

Zitrux: The innovation revolutionizing the retail world with self-cleaning and self-sanitizing

Zumex continues to lead with innovations that not only meet but also anticipate market needs. With Zitrux, Zumex has made a significant leap: the world’s first juicer with a complete self-cleaning and self-sanitizing system. A groundbreaking solution that allows employees to focus on other important tasks in the store or supermarket, as Zitrux practically takes care of everything itself.

In addition to its advanced self-cleaning system, Zitrux’s autonomy is ideal for supermarkets. Thanks to its capacity to hold up to 75 kg of oranges, along with its automatic fruit elevator and integrated bottle rack, this machine is perfect for providing up to 30 liters of continuous juice, ideal for meeting the high demand of these establishments. But Zitrux doesn’t stop there. With its exclusive Top Performance squeezing system, it maximizes the yield of each kilogram of fruit, offering more juice of the highest quality. Moreover, with the ability to process up to 40 fruits per minute, Zitrux stands as a quick and efficient solution, essential for the dynamic environment of stores and supermarkets.

supermarlets juicing machines

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