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Operation and cleaning
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Original System
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Zumex ASP
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Squeeze the smallest citrus fruits with the Kit S Essential Pro
Suitable for processing smaller fruits: Small oranges, tangerines, or limes.
Squeeze the smallest citrus fruits with the Kit S Essential Pro
Suitable for processing smaller fruits: Small oranges, tangerines, or limes.
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Oranges with diameters ranging from 65 to 78 mm.

Essential Pro juices 22 pieces of fruit per minute, so it can dispense between eight and ten servings of juice, depending on the size of the fruit.

Follow the instructions in the machine’s user manual.

There are some really useful accessories for making the most out of your juicer. S Juicing Kit for smaller pieces of fruit (45-67 mm); Dynamic Cutting System (DCS) for juicing very soft citrus fruit and the Countertop Kit to increase the juicer’s autonomy and move the peel directly to a waste bucket.

47 x 50 x 75 cm

Autostart mode: the machine detects the oranges in the feeder tube and starts up automatically. Self-Service mode: the machine starts up when the Self-Service tap is pressed, either by pressing the tap or pressing the lever.

We recommend cleaning the machine once or twice a day, depending on how much it is used. All the steps you need to follow are described in our cleaning instructions.

You can wash all the plastic parts in the dishwasher, except the cover and the juice tank.

You will find it on a sticker on one of the sides of the machine. You will need to quote this serial number if you need to buy original spare parts for your juicer. You will also need this number if you want to extend your warranty to five years on our website.
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Gama Juicers
Essential Pro
Width 470 mm
Depth 500 mm
Height 750 mm
Net weight
45.5 kg | 100 lb
Fruits per minute
22 fruits / min
Feeder capacity
4 / 5 fruits
Fruit diameter
65–81 mm
usage modes

· Self-service mode: to squeeze directly into the glass.

· Professional mode: squeezes the fruit automatically when the citrus fruit is placed into the feeder.

Type of consumption
Self-service tap
Anti-drip and optional locking mechanism for automatic use
Energy consumption
2.7 A
300 W | 0.40 HP
320 W | 0.43 HP

220–240 V | 50–60 Hz

115 V | 60 Hz

Two safety devices and motor seizure sensor.
Anti-humidity protection
Original System
Our system provides optimal juice output and premium quality juice, ensuring no juice comes into contact with the peel thus preventing the essential oils and acid it contains from contaminating it.
ASP Antibacterial technology

Food hygiene certified. Our exclusive silver ion-based antibacterial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring long-lasting, extra-efficient protection.

Waste management
Integrated convertible juice container for continuous removal on countertop
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