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Increase your commercial juicer’s performance

Thanks to our exclusive Smart Juicing technology, connect to your juicers from anywhere and access full data reports on usage, status and productivity of your machines.


Real-time information about your juice business

Multiply the potential of your juicers thanks to the digitisation of Zumex Connect, where you can have access to different types of reports: basic, advanced and maintenance.

The most advanced solution for juice professionals

Check out our new Smart Commercial Juicer models, which now include Zumex’s new Smart Juicing technology and access Zumex Connect reports.


Smart Juicer, Smart Business

Profitability of your machines

Sales tracking


Status notifications

Consumption times

Accurate counting of squeezed fruits

Smart and connected
commercial juicers

Zumex connects its products with its clients’ business

Smart Juicing

Real time


Register your Smart Juicer

Extend your warranty to 5 years

Register your Smart Juicer at Zumex Connect and automatically extend your warranty to 5 years.

  • Peace of mind: 5 years of coverage.
  • Fast responses: No cycle limits.
  • Closeness: Personalised service.
  • Quality: Original Zumex spare parts.

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