Negocio del zumo

Freshly squeezed juice, a consolidated trend in new consumption habits

The Foodservice sector stands out for its dynamism and constant reinvention capacity. There is a close link between the sector and socio-economic phenomena, technology and new trends in consumption. This forces hotel managers and high executives to closely follow these changes and quickly adapt their offer.

The trend towards a food free of processed ingredients keeps growing and concerns about waste management is beginning to emerge. Both are two of the consumption drivers that are growing the most.

Zumo recién exprimido en los nuevos hábitos de consumo

In fact, 8 out of 10 consumers are willing to pay more for products that are healthy and respectful of the environment1.

Eating healthy is a great concern among Europeans and, increasingly, people want their food to taste good and be healthy at the same time. Freshly squeezed orange juice is definitely establishing itself as a drink that is increasingly on-demand. In a recent study by Kantar, 45% of the consumers interviewed indicated that “if a food is healthy, they enjoy it much more” and 38% “do not give up having occasions of consumption for pleasure at home, but each time looking for healthier alternatives “2.

Trends such as maintaining a holistic lifestyle are also gaining prominence, with more and more followers, which translates into an increase in the organic offer and 100% natural foods.

On the other hand, there are other drivers that are revolutionizing the restaurant offer, such as the boom in functional drinks, such as juices rich in nutrients, beneficial for health: detoxifying, energizing, protein…; or plant-based food, the rise of veganism or the localization of the offer, due to its perception as fresher and of higher quality, among others.

“”6 out of 10 consumers say that it is important to them that the food they buy or consume is produced in a sustainable way””3.

For the hospitality professional, it is a must to offer quality food and drink at any time of the day. Beverages such as juice, traditionally linked to breakfast, are reinvented and are part of new moments of consumption: brunch, mocktails, snacks to go…

In addition, there is a boom in restaurants that offer the “healthy snack” type of menus within the new “easy to eat and on the go” context. Fast food has also been reinvented and is now healthier and more sustainable. The preparation in front of the client and the will to communicate the quality or freshness of the raw material convinces and captivates the consumer.

The freshly pressed concept of freshly squeezed juice machines is reducing the packaged juice supply of many chains around the world.

Within the Foodservice industry, the commitment to freshly squeezed juice is reflected in the drop in consumption of sugary soft drinks, and according to the 2018 Food & Health Survey’ by the International Food Information Council Foundation, 50% of Americans are reducing the consumption of sugary soft drinks to reduce the intake of added sugars 4.

Natural drinks, such as freshly squeezed juice, are one of the categories that is growing the most in the offer of restaurants and cafes. Its consumption grows at a rate of 5% per year.5


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