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Zumex Care

Your Zumex equipment looking just like new

Introducing Zumex Care, a new service to guarantee everything is included. Look after your equipment, protect your business

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Breathe new life into your commercial juicer
always like new

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What’s in it for you?

Equipment Care

By the best professional technical service.


Full cleaning and sanitation process following certified protocols.

Flawless appearance

Improve your business’ image by maintaining the brand-new appearing of your equipment.

Real-time analysis

You’ll be able to monitor the performance of your commercial juicers and your business through our Smart Juicing technology

Repurchase guarantee

Guaranteed repurchasing price

Technical training

Keep your team up to speed on the optimal operation of the machine

Full coverage

Full coverage on replacement parts, labor and travel

Maximize your investment
By signing up for Zumex Care you guarantee that your machine is always up to date
Maximize your investment
Thorough annual inspection

Thorough inspection of the machine and equipment status report and recommendations to optimise its operation.

Maximize your investment
Aesthetic update

Renewal of the most visible parts of your commercial juicer to ensure it always has a modern-looking appearance and remains spotless at first sight, as if it were new.

Maximise your investment
Machine cleaning

In-depth cleaning and sanitising process following our protocols, endorsed by an independent accredited laboratory and using specific cleaning products such as Zumex Citric Active.

Maximise your investment
Monitoring your business with Zumex Connect

Obtaining real-time information on your machines’ performance. Connect to your commercial juicers whenever you want, from wherever you are and on any device, and access the most comprehensive reports.

Maximise your investment
Repurchase price guaranteed

We guarantee a fair price when you exchange your equipment for other Zumex equipment.

Maximise your investment
Labour and travel included

For repairs under the terms and conditions of the standard Zumex warranty.

Maximise your investment
Full coverage on replacement parts

Full coverage on replacement parts, including parts lost and not included in the standard Zumex warranty*.

* Incidents not included in the standard Zumex warranty shall be limited to a list of replacement parts and quantities.
Check out the terms and conditions
on Zumex’s website or at infozumexcare@zumex.com
Maximise your investment
Training your team

Ongoing training for your staff for them to become specialists and get the best out of Zumex commercial juicers.

The value of a good plan

Signing up to Zumex Care

When purchasing your commercial juicer

You can automatically sign up to the Zumex Care plan.

If you already have a Zumex equipment

You can sign up to it up to 3 months after the purchase.

If it is still under warranty

Contact Zumex Care for information on the terms and conditions for signing up to the service.

Feeling safe in the knowledge that Zumex will take care of your commercial juicer to make it work at full capacity is priceless.

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