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Dec. 22, 2017
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Italy Location Chooses the Power of the Speed Pro +Plus


French retailer Carrefour has earned practically worldwide acclaim for being one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world. Its name may not be used in the United States, but Carrefour stores maintain a strong degree of popularity, with numerous locations in over thirty countries. One of these Carrefour stores is located in Italy which, besides its selection of products, also provides customers some freshly squeezed, all-natural juice while they're shopping. This juice is provided courtesy of the Speed ​​Pro + Plus Self Service Podium .

Designed for use in supermarkets, cafes, or hotels, the Speed ​​Pro + Plus is all about delivering exceptional quality juice through simple yet powerful operation. With support for just over forty pounds of fruit, the juicer can operate for long periods before requiring more fruit. As for maintenance, the Drain & Clean system keeps the juicer running in tip-top shape with better cleaning while the Intelligent Touch features make it easy to set and operate to your liking.

The Speed ​​Pro + Plus is only one of many commercial juicers we have available. We also have smaller options like the compact yet powerful Minex to choose from. Visit our Product Line page for additional information.

Zumex has been a leader in fruit and vegetable juice extraction since 1985. With more than thirty years of professional experience, our solutions currently serve food service and retail, vending, and food engineering. For more information about a commercial juicer and our product lines, call 305-591-0061.