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Nov. 30, 2017
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Fresh Juice Any Time of the Day with Zumex Vending


While powerful commercial juicers may be what we are most known for, Zumex is also recognized for its vending business. With Zumex Vending, you can enjoy the pure taste of freshly squeezed, all natural juice just about anywhere you happen to be.

The way our Zumex Vending machines work is refreshingly simple. Each machine has a single or a pair of windows that show the ingredients and the process by which the juice is extracted from the fruit. These machines are designed to be plug and play for easy setup and they incorporate the MDB system based on your business preference. To further add a distinct personality, the backlit front of the machine is customizable. Add a picture, customize it with your company logo, the options fit perfectly with your business identity and d├ęcor.

With Zumex Vending you can spend more time overseeing the business operation instead of micromanaging. The Communication Kit relays all information in real time via SMS to your phone so you always know the status of the machine even when you're away. The machines also boast a built-in waste bin and self-cleaning system for simple maintenance.

Zumex has been a leader in fruit and vegetable juice extraction since 1985. With more than thirty years of professional experience, our solutions currently serve food service and retail, vending, and food engineering. For more information about a commercial juicer and our product lines, call 305-591-0061.