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Zumex Recipes

Extra tip

1. Add a teaspoonful of Spirulina for an extra protein and mineral intake.

2. Add a spoonful of honey with hot water and make your juice sweeter.


Low Orange Antirust

A thick, acidic and good... very good juice. A juice that will improve your cardiovascular health and your circulatory system. It also has a high vitamin C content so it will protect your bones and keep your skin healthy.


3 Pears

½ Lime

½ Lemon

2 Nectarines


  • Wash the pieces before you put them into the multi-juicer.
  • Take three pears, half a lime and half a lemon, both peeled.
  • After removing the stone from the two nectarines, cut them up.
  • Then put the pears, lime, lemon and nectarines into the multi-juicer.


Protect your body with this delicious juice!







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