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Mar. 25, 2013
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Zumex USA facilities

Zumex USA, new facilities of 1338 m2

Last December 3rd, our branch office, ZUMEX USA, moved 
to new facilities located at 1573 NW 82 Ave. Miami, FL 33126. USA.

The new infrastructure will have a total of 1,338 m2. The move to the new office is an extension of 1,055 m2 in regards to the previous location. Specifically, the office area will have 318 m2, a 404% increase, and the warehouse is expanded to 1,020 m2, a 365% increase. What is more, the new facilities will have a showroom and meeting rooms.
They are located in the business park of Doral area, very close to Miami airport.

Zumex USA from Miami offices and through its distributor's network offers service and consultants office to all our customers in North America. Its growing distributor network guarantees the technical service in all the area.

Zumex Group has always bet on the American market, and once again makes an effort to enhance its presence across the Atlantic