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Nov. 28, 2014
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We want to thank you Soul!

A new beginning at Equip’Hotel

As we said, Zumex Group presented the revolutionary Zumex Soul, the compact juicer for premises with style and signature spaces at HOSTELCO, and it has just taken place again at EQUIP’HOTEL Paris.

Zumex Soul, the most elegant, smallest and most compact juicer on the market, has been especially designed for premises with charm that pay attention to all the details, in order to offer their customers a unique experience.

The Zumex stand at Equip’Hotel 2014 became the perfect place to continue discovering a world of flavour with the new Zumex Soul machine and to taste the incredible signature cocktails prepared with these professional juicers.

It was a new success for Soul, it is a new era for Zumex.