Zumex Soul Series 2 wins prestigious product

Zumex has been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD, an internationally recognised seal of design excellence.

The award was given to SOUL Series 2 juicer in the Product division, an exceptional recognition of the design and user experience of our most iconic juicer, reflecting Zumex’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Zumex Soul Series 2 has been selected by an international jury of 133 leading design experts. The jury highlighted its compact design qualities and impressive aesthetics, as well as its robustness and innovative functionalities, being the first intelligent automatic juicer, which offers real-time and remote data on its performance and preventive maintenance, to improve the productivity of the juice business.

Every year, the world’s oldest independent design organisation, the iF International Forum Design GmbH, based in Hannover, organises the iF DESIGN AWARD.

The competition in this year’s event was fierce. Nearly 11,000 exhibitors from 56 countries have participated in order to achieve the desired design quality label and seal of excellence.

“The iF Design Award is the result of our commitment to designing innovative juicing solutions based on our extensive knowledge of customer experience. We focus on convenience for users, striving to create outstanding solutions through creativity and technology. Additionally, we produce long-lasting products in terms of their quality and aesthetics. Our number-one goal is to provide long product life while respecting sustainability.” highlighted José González, Innovation Officer at Zumex.

Soul Series 2, design and innovation inside and out

Inside, the Soul Series 2 boasts practicality and maximum functionality thanks to its exclusive Conical System squeezing unit and automatic pulp filter sweeper, all easily removable for immediate cleaning.

Its Made in Spain design and attention to detail elevate this juicer to iconic status. Four models in two stylish colours, Black and White, and two finishes, Smoke Grey and Natural Sand. All of them reflect the most advanced forms of styling and decoration of unique venues such as cafés and juice bars, boutique hotels, cocktail bars, offices, co-working sites, business centres, and catering companies.

More information on Soul Series 2 can be found in the “ALL Winners” section of the website


Since 1954, the iF DESIGN AWARD has had an internationally recognised reputation as a hallmark of design excellence and has acted as an expert judge of the best products and projects. The iF Design brand is internationally recognised and the iF DESIGN AWARD counts as one of the best and most esteemed design awards in the world.

The following divisions and categories are included in the iF Design Awards: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design, Architecture and Interior Architecture, as well as Professional Concepts, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). All the award-winning references can be consulted on the website