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Operation and cleaning
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Conical System
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Zumex ASP
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Create your own juice corner
Discover Soul's accessories and create an elegant and attractive space for your business.
Create your own juice corner
Discover Soul's accessories and create an elegant and attractive space for your business.
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Oranges, lemons and limes with diameters ranging from 50 to 80 mm.

We recommend cleaning the machine once or twice a day, depending on how much it is used. All the steps you need to follow are described in our cleaning instructions.

You can wash all the plastic parts of the juicing system in the dishwasher.

26 x 43 x 43.5 cm

The white light indicates that the machine is ready to juice; the flashing white light indicates that the waste bucket is not in the right position, the front door is open or there is an external element blocking the system; the orange light indicates that the machine is juicing correctly and the flashing orange light indicates that the machine is juicing but that the waste bucket needs to be emptied.

There are some really useful accessories to create a juice corner on the counter of your establishment or in your self-service area: the Premium Basket, so you can keep the citrus fruit to be juiced on hand; the Elevation Kit, which consists of a set of legs that keep the juicer up off the counter and make it easier to clean underneath; the Soul Corner kit, which includes the elevation accessory, drip tray and premium basket, and the Soul juice extracting unit, an extra juicing system to swap over the original when it needs cleaning.

You will find it on a sticker underneath the machine. You must have this serial number to hand for any technical service queries. You will also need this number if you want to extend your warranty to five years on our website.
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Gama Juicers
Width 260 mm
Depth 430 cm
Height 435 mm
Net weight
17 kg | 37.5 lb
Fruits per minute
12 fruits / min
Feeder capacity
3 / 4 fruits
Fruit diameter
(recommended 64-76 mm)
Push&Juice button

To squeeze, simply press the front button. You'll see that the colour of the button will automatically change from white to orange. The juice outlet will light up: You are now preparing the most exquisite juice.

Type of consumption
Up&Down Tap
anti-drip and optimal flow
Energy consumption
2.5 A / 1.3 A
90 W | 0.12 HP
115 W | 0.15 HP

220–240 V | 50–60 Hz

100–115 V | 50–60 Hz

Micro switch on front opening and motor seizure sensor
Anti-humidity protection
Conical System®
The system moves the fruit until it is perfectly centred to ensure clean accurate cutting, obtaining the maximum amount of juice and flavour from each piece of fruit.
ASP Antibacterial technology

Food hygiene certified. Our exclusive silver ion-based antibacterial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring long-lasting, extra-efficient protection.

Waste management
Built-in waste bucket is easy to remove and clean