Cleaning and disinfecting guideline

To continue offering high standards of quality and hygiene in juice services, it is important to
maintain the standard cleaning and sanitising protocols recommended by ZUMEX®.

For a correct maintenance of your ZUMEX® juicer, careful cleaning it is essential. We suggest a daily and thorough cleaning that guarantees an efficient, hygienic cleaning process, free from bacteria, even when the equipment is very dirty.


Tools required for effective cleaning


· Zumex Citric Active™ detergent, specially designed for ZUMEX® juicers and commercial juicers.

· Quaternary ammonium-based disinfectant specially certified against Covid-19.

  • ZUMEX® suggests:
    – Suma Bac D10, Diversey
    – Alcosan VT10, Diversey
    – Desincol 2, Cleanity

· Sponge clean or made of a material that does not scratch the machine surfaces.

· Clean disposable paper.

· Wash point.

· Brush supplied by ZUMEX® for the cleaning points which require it. The brush must be cleaned and sanitised by following the instructions below.


See cleaning and disinfecting ZUMEX®’s guidelines


ZUMEX® has a range of safety and hygiene accessories which ensure that the freshly squeezed juice served with our automatic juicers complies with all consumer and employee safety requirements.


ASP® Antibacterial Nanotechnology

ZUMEX® is the only brand that has its exclusive Antibacterial Nanotechnology with silver ions present in the sequeeze system, forming a barrier of protection and hygiene.

In the light of the current situation and with a view to helping to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, ZUMEX® Group would like to provide all our customers with a set of recommendations and useful advice to encourage and maintain healthy eating habits in these difficult times.