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Speed S +plus

Product information

Context of useSupermarket chains, hotels or self service stores with high juice demands
Fruits/min40 oranges / min
Capacity20 Kg I 44 lb
Fruit diameter65-81 mm
DimensionsNarrow Mirror: 700 x709 x 1774 mm 27,5” x 27.9” x 69.8 | Wide Mirror: 805 x709 x 1774 mm 31.7” x 27.9” x 69.8”
WeightNarrow Mirror: 111.8 kg ı 246.5 lb | Wide Mirror: 120.6 kg ı 266 lb
Power300 W | 0.4 HP
Consumption2.7 A / 1.2 A
Voltage120 V I 60 Hz / 220-240 V I 50-60Hz
Protection against moistureIPX4
SafetyTriple safety detector and motor seizure detection

Zumex Speed S +plus commercial juicer

  • Wide Mirror Podium

    Wide Mirror Podium

  • Bottle rack unit

    Bottle rack unit

    Organised and at your fingertips. Unit complete with bottle hangers and storage space.

  • Take-away bottles

    Take-away bottles

    Zumex Pack: 1.5 l, 1 l, 75 cl, 50 cl, 33 cl and 25 cl with customisable labels.

    Zumex Recycled-PET Pack (New): 1 l, 50 cl, 33 cl and 25 cl with customisable labels.

  • Elbow feeder cover (N)

    Elbow feeder cover (N)

    Prevents access to the inside of the elbow feeder for self-service areas.

  • Kit Pulp Cover (N)

    Kit Pulp Cover (N)

    It covers the end of the cover and the pulp sweeper for a more hygienic visibility of the squeezing area.

  • 1Step S Extraction Kit

    1Step S Extraction Kit

    For citrus with diameters of 45 to 67 mm (1.77"- 2.64"). Be bold and create new recipes with lemons and limes.

  • 1Step L Extraction Kit

    1Step L Extraction Kit

    For citrus with diameters of 75 to 95 mm (2.95” - 3.74”). Squeeze grapefruits and large oranges.

  • Dynamic Cutting System DCS

    Dynamic Cutting System DCS

    Only suitable for processing ripe citrus. The blade moves up to help the cutting of the fruit.

  • 2-position tray

    2-position tray

    Easy to operate for both glasses and bottles. *Accessory for Black Podium.

  • Speed display cover

    Speed display cover

    Limits access to the Display button panel only to the machine operator.

  • Bottle rack

    Bottle rack

    For self-service contexts. Organise your bottles or glasses in a visible and tidy way.

  • 1Step M Extraction Kit

    1Step M Extraction Kit

    Standard on Speed S +plus models. For citrus with diameters of 65 to 81 mm (2.56” - 3.19”). Squeeze grapefruit, oranges and lemons.


  • Countertop Kit

    Countertop Kit

    Integrates bar counter waste management by depositing waste directly into the waste bucket.

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