Zumex offers its support to the hotel and foodservice industry by extending its warranties

ZUMEX® is implementing a series of measures to help sectors that are being hit by the impact of COVID-19 virus and have had to close their businesses to the general public to help contain the spread of the virus.

All the bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels and juice bars, and, in short, all our food service customers that have a ZUMEX® citrus juicer or commercial juicer, will benefit from the two-month warranty extension. They will not have to do anything to activate this extension.


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Telephone and online customer service:

We would like to remind all our customers that we continue to provide customer service and assistance in more than 100 markets in which we are present, either through our subsidiaries or our network of distributors. This service is provided remotely, both via our website and by telephone, as well as by e-mail and videoconferencing.

Our machines remain operational in most of the large retail distribution chains in the various countries in which we operate, so it is essential to provide the same standard of assistance and service, though we also would like to thank our customers in advance for their comprehension as well as sending them all our support and energy to keep moving forward.

COVID-19 recommendations handbook for customers and distributors:



We have also sent a comprehensive COVID-19 recommendations handbook to our customers and distributors, with the goal of providing with advice on best practices to use Zumex machines during this exceptional period.

Many consumers are purchasing freshly squeezed juice at this time as it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and ZUMEX® aims to help its retail customers and the people in charge of maintaining their juicers to draw up protocols to maximize efficiency and safety when producing freshly squeezed juice for consumers.

The handbook includes specific information about:

–        Comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing protocols recommended by ZUMEX® for its juicers.

–        The importance of using disinfectants, along with specific cleaners such as Zumex Citric Active, a professional cleaning product specially formulated for cleaning citrus and commercial juicers.

–        The nutritional benefits of freshly squeezed juice, which is a great ally in following a healthy and balanced diet in these difficult times. It also features information about the amount of Vitamin C contained in a glass of 100% natural orange juice, which strengthens our immune system, as well as other lesser known facts, such as the amount of potassium, folate and polyphenolscontained in juice and their role in the proper functioning of the body.

This handbook is available to all the company’s customers and distributors and you can download it here

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