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Zumex Recipes

Extra tip

Include almonds or macadamia nuts as a topping for added energy.


Immunizing Orange

Enjoy a sweet juice that will also help you recover after doing exercise, thanks to its energizing properties and carbohydrates. Ideal to get over anaemia, it is good for the eyes, and it is anti-oxidant and immunizing.


4 Carrots

1 red Apple

½ Potato


  • Wash all the pieces well before putting them into the multi-juicer.
  • Cut up four carrots into medium-sized pieces.
  • Cut a red apple into four pieces, leaving the skin but removing the stalk.
  • Cut a potato into two.
  • Then put the 4 carrots, the pieces of apple and half the potato into the multi-juicer.


Enjoy this highly beneficial juice!




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