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Sep. 12, 2017
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Major Supermarket Chain Goes with Zumex


Along with major names like Whole Foods or Walmart, The Kroger Company (better known simply as Kroger) holds several distinctions. It is the second largest supermarket chain in the United States by revenue, one of the largest in the country, and the third largest retailer in the world. With more than 2,000 stores, it attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers each year.

As with many major retailers, Kroger also makes it a point to offer its customers fresh, natural juice while they're shopping at some of their locations. As you might guess, this 100% fresh juice is delivered courtesy of Zumex! Kroger uses our Speed ​​Pro, a powerful solution capable of handling just over forty pounds of loading capacity so you'll always have a fresh cup of available even when the demand becomes high. Its Click & Clean system makes it simple to dismantle for cleaning purposes while the Intelligent Touch means you can easily choose automatic or professional mode. Quickly choose your juicing options and let the Speed ​​Pro take care of the rest!

For additional information on the Speed ​​Pro as well as other juicers for use in supermarkets, hotels, catering, and more, please visit the Zumex Commercial Juicers page.

Zumex has been a leader in fruit and vegetable juice extraction since 1985. With more than thirty years of professional experience, our solutions currently serve food service and retail, vending, and food engineering. For more information about a commercial juicer and our product lines, call 305-591-0061.