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Jun. 29, 2017
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Get to Know the Zumex Code


At Zumex, we're more than a manufacturer of machines designed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. We have recently launched Zumex Code, a way for you to discover what we are all about while focusing on life essence, the juice culture. With Zumex Code, we remain committed to you, and that means going the extra mile to enjoy the many benefits courtesy of Mother Nature that allows us to bring them to you in your everyday life.

With more than three decades and counting, we are in a fantastic position to examine the juice business perspective that is uniquely privileged. We strongly value innovation and technology, both of which we use to create what is our finest achievement: providing customers the finest juice. We offer full fruit and vegetable processing solutions for food engineering, vending, as well as food service and retail. Whether you need a juicer, a multi-juicer, or cold press, we're here to meet the challenge.

As we strive to become a part of living healthier lifestyle, you'll increasingly find Zumex in essential areas where people just like you spend their time: airports, hotels, your favorite local juice bar, the supermarket, and more. A universe of freshness awaits you.

Learn more about the Zumex Code here: .

Zumex has been a leader in fruit and vegetable juice extraction since 1985. With more than thirty years of professional experience, our solutions currently serve food service and retail, vending, and food engineering. For more information about a commercial juicer and our product lines, call 305-591-0061.