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Jun. 15, 2017
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Café & Té Relies on Zumex


We're returning to Spain to take a closer look at Coffee & Tea, a series of stores selling an ample variety of top quality coffee and teas from around the world. In addition to its coffee, Coffee & Tea also sells delicious smoothies, juices, and several food items including salads, desserts, and appetizers.

To prepare your smoothies and juices, Coffee & Tea relies on none other than Zumex's Essential Pro and Multifruit, The Essential Pro is a highly practical yet simple solution that fits perfectly in any bar or cafe. Designed to be functional and easy to use, the juicer offers the flexibility of two modes: Self-Service and Autostart. With a simple touch control display, employees do not have to spend too much time learning how to operate the juicer to deliver the best juice to customers.

The recently re-designed Multfruit is among the most advanced juicers on the market and is well-known for being able to extract a large amount of juice from just about any vegetable or fruit thrown at it. It's perfect for use in restaurants focused on healthy foods, a cocktail bar, or even a pub serving a variety of drinks. Features include a powerful brushless motor, a speed control system that allows full control of the power extraction and more.

If you're ever in Spain, drop by and give Coffee & Tea a try. There are several stores throughout Spain including Madrid.

Zumex has been a leader in fruit and vegetable juice extraction since 1985. With more than thirty years of professional experience, our solutions currently serve food service and retail, vending, and food engineering. For more information about a commercial juicer and our product lines, call 305-591-0061.